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Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor at Frank Management Consult Ltd. Nairobi

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Job Description

Job Purpose

To manage Vehicle maintenance department for the company

 Key Responsibilities of the job:

  • Ensure vehicle uptime is ensured by carrying out maintenance of vehicles on time.
  • Analysing data to increase business operational efficiency e.g. by Collating, analyzing and reporting on feedback from Vehicle Maintenance service feedback forms
  • Overseeing and reporting on periodic Automotive Maintenance of ALL vehicles (Delivery trucks, Delivery vans, Private Cars, Motorbikes and Forklifts under the company ownership or care) according to set guidelines and handling repair of any broken-down vehicles.
  • Maintaining and updating vehicle records i.e. Hire Purchase and lease payment terms, vehicle insurance records, year of purchase, depreciation rates, mileage, etc. and advising the company accordingly
  • Communication with various stakeholders on the vehicle maintenance status.
  • Overseeing allocation of vehicles to entitled staff in accordance with the company’s car policy in coordination with HR Department. Assign pool cars or cars to be used as such by staff moving from one campus to another on official duty.
  • Supervising drivers and mechanics and promoting professionalism amongst drivers who represent the company image by way of ensuring they adhere to best grooming and customer service practices and ensuring they are continuously upskilled in new regulations and matters to do with safety.
  • Overseeing and reporting on inspection of all vehicles in accordance with The National Transport and Safety Authority (N.T.S.A.) guidelines
  • Complying with safety standards and policy requirements for continuous improvement and ensuring maintenance of good housekeeping standards are met according to the 5S Kaizen principles.
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