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Spray Foremen at Flamingo Horticulture

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Job Description

Key Responsibilities

  1. Ensure correct use of spray equipment.
  2. Ensure that the team wears and uses correct personal protective equipment.
  3. Maintain all spray equipment to a high standard and promptly report any defects.
  4. To ensure that the workshop personnel perform the weekly maintenance check correctly and that all snags are straightened out before commencing the next weeks’ spray programme.
  5. Monitor sprayers’ activities and ensure that everyone carries out his duties correctly.
  6. Liaise with the Production Manager to raise standard of training on equipment being used and ensure that new employees receive proper instructions. All sprayers must be trained in the safe and effective use of pesticide before being allowed to spray any chemical. All sprayers must have a certificate to prove they have been trained.
  7. Attend daily meeting to discuss any problems that may have arisen and inform the vegetables team of the following day’s program.
  8. Ensure that Spray Application Details are properly filled and authorized and that block boards and tape are correctly used to avoid any possibility of harvesting prior to clear date.
  9. Monitor the tape and boards on a daily basis and to confirm that the head of picking removes and returns the boards and tape correctly before harvest.
  10. Ensure that the spray leader carries mix information, calibration records, timing indicators etc. with the spray tractor at all times so that the correct speed of working is known before commencing spray operations.
  11. Re-allocate work to sprayers when there no spray operations for that day.
  12. Ensure all records of P.P.E, flushing sheets, calibration, daily logs, and active list of all sprayers are updated.
  13. Keep up to date with the Flamingo Horticulture approved pesticides list.
  14. Liaise with the crop scouts on the following week’s spray program.
  15. Any other duties, which may arise from time to time.

Desired Competences/Qualifications

  1. Have a Degree or Diploma/in Agriculture/Horticulture or related field.
  2. IPM level two with at least two years’ experience in a vegetables setup and at least 1year in a similar role.
  3. Valid driving license Class, F & G.
  4. Have good leadership/supervisory qualities and possess good communication, numerical, problem solving, organizational skills
  5. Flexible and have good decision-making ability.
  6. Able to prioritize jobs for the efficient running of the team, attentive to detail, team player and tidy.
  7. Should have strong personal initiative and an ability to work under minimal supervision.
  8. Should be an honest individual who is willing to learn and change with the times.
  9. Should be time conscious.
  10. Those with BASIS or FACTS certificates will have an added advantage
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