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Security Officer at Secours Islamique France (SIF). Nairobi

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Job Description


  • Contributes to the development of the Mission’s security strategy: analysis of the context and its evolution, development of a risk analysis and the solutions envisaged. Proposes measures to mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities of the SIF in Kenya & Somalia;
  • Assists and represents SIF in security management meetings of humanitarian actors (INGO, security referents of other NGOs, OCHA, etc.) and develops an information network with security focal people;
  • Conduct when needed detailed field Security Risk Assessments of SIF existing or new operational areas and develop reports on findings and based on findings review/revise or develop area specific security regulations.
  • In coordination with the implementation teams, participates in the development of projects by giving recommendations on security aspects, in particular acceptance and humanitarian access;
  • In coordination with project teams and support departments, participates in the identification of needs for the implementation of protocols and security measures;
  • Report to the HoM, the Desk and the headquarters security referent on security incidents affecting the SIF and participate proactively and constructively in crisis management in compliance with the protocols of the SIF;
  • Act as the focal point at the national level for the HoM in the implementation of crisis management measures on all work locations.
  • Provide country specific security briefings and debriefings to staff visitors and national staff arriving in country or joining the Mission.


  • Coordinates and ensures the proper implementation of risk mitigation protocols and measures by all SIF staff in all SIF work locations and field activities;
  • Supervises and coordinates security assessments and the implementation of mitigation measures according to the SIF protocols in working areas and in the wider locations where SIF work;
  • Ensures the capitalization and archiving of daily security management tools (ToR, Movement Tracking, validation, etc.
  • Coordinates the regular updating of security management plans and tools across all SIF bases;
  • Proposes and then ensures the implementation of Security Regulations and evacuation plans for expatriate and national staff relocated;
  • Coordinates the implementation of protocols and preventive measures for crisis management (Hibernation, communication tree, reference health centers, etc.);
  • Sets up and coordinates security information exchange networks for all staff (WhatsApp group, Skype group, etc.)
  • Support the IT Officer in ensuring the security of computer and smartphone equipment (antivirus, backup methods, promotion of confidentiality, etc.);
  • Maintains and supervises the use of satellite phones;
  • Under supervision of the HoM assists and represents the SIF in meetings of humanitarian actors.


  • Manages the security guards at the SIF Offices, and Bases: provides briefings, planning, follow-up, supervision, performance interview, reinforcement of technical knowledge, regular meetings, etc;
  • Evaluates the performance of its team members regularly, before the end of the trial period and before the end of their contract;
  • Defines and updates the training plans of its team and monitors the impact of training;
  • Ensures the development of training modules and implements them with drivers, guards, and operational teams;


  • Report to the HoM, and the Headquarters security referent on security incidents affecting the SIF and participate proactively and constructively in crisis management in compliance with the protocols of the SIF;
  • Serves as the focal point at the national level for the HoM in the implementation of crisis management measures on all bases in the event of an incident occurring to SIF teams, equipment, and buildings;
  • Participates in the crisis unit according to the crisis management protocols of the SIF;
  • Depending on the context, promptly proposes to the HoM temporary ad hoc measures to respond to an emergency spending decisions from Headquarters;
  • Contacts the teams directly to provide them with support and advice in the event of an incident occurring in the areas of action of the SIF, regardless of the time or day of the week.
  • Participates in post-crisis analysis and identification of lessons learned with the Headquarters security referent and ensures that appropriate changes in security plans and tools are implemented if necessary.


  • Training: BAC + 5 Minimum in the security and risk management professions.
  • Minimum experience: At least 3 years of experience as a field security referent in an NGO.
  • Experience in supporting a national resource is an asset.
  • Knowledge of context (cultural, historical, economic, political, etc.) issues in Kenya & Somalia is an asset.
  • Language level: Fluent and written competency in English and Kiswahili and/or Somali required. Knowledge of some competency in French is an advantage.
  • Software level: Knowledge of Word, Excel, Outlook and internet search methods.
  • Knowledge of standard security documents: contingency plan, risk analysis.
  • Team spirit.
  • Organizational and writing skills.
  • Knowledge in security assessment, planning and security monitoring tools.
  • Managerial skills concern for exemplarity.
  • Strategic vision


  • Respect and promote SIF’s Policies and Agree to comply with SIF Code of Conduct and ensures Child Safeguarding standards are upheld.
  • Report to your line manager any discrepancies of SIF’s policies among the team or partners
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times.
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