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Secretary Gender Ministry of Public Service

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Job Description

Job Summary

For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have: –

(i) served for a minimum period of fifteen (15) years, three (3) of which must have been in the grade of Deputy Director, Gender, CSG ‘6’ and above, or in a comparable and relevant position in the wider public service or private sector;

(ii) a Bachelors Degree in any of the following disciplines: Gender Studies, Gender and Development, Sociology, Business Administration (Finance/Entrepreneurship Options), Anthropology, Counselling and Psychology, Economics, Law or any other relevant Social Science from a university recognized in Kenya;

(iii) a Masters Degree in any of the following fields:- Gender and Development, Business Administration, Project Development and Management, Anthropology, Counselling, Project Planning and Management, Public Administration/Policy, Economics, Law or any other relevant qualification from a university recognized in Kenya;

(iv) a Certificate in either Gender Studies or Gender and Development, or any other relevant course lasting not less than four (4) weeks, or four (4) weeks in aggregate from a recognized institution;

(v) membership to a relevant professional body (where applicable);

(vi) demonstrated outstanding professional, managerial and leadership competences in management of the Gender Function;

(vii) be conversant with emerging issues in the field of Gender Mainstreaming, Social Economic Empowerment as well as Gender Related Violence and Female Genital Mutilation; and

(viii) demonstrated a clear understanding of National Development Goals, Policies and Objectives and the role of the Gender Function in realization of the same


This is the highest grade in the Gender Cadre. An officer at this level will be responsible to the Principal Secretary for overall coordination of the Gender function in the State Department. Specific duties and responsibilities will include: –

(i) overseeing the interpretation, articulation and implementation of gender policies and programmes;

(ii) coordinating Gender Mainstreaming into the national development agenda;

(iii) facilitating, reviewing and evaluating gender policies and programmes;

(iv) promoting Gender Mainstreaming, Socio-Economic Empowerment, and mitigation against Female Genital Mutilation and Sexual and Gender Based Violence;

(v) facilitating domestication and implementation of resolutions on gender issues emanating from international and regional treaties, protocols and conventions;

(vi) promoting research and benchmarking on gender issues;

(vii) overseeing the implementation of gender related funds;

(viii) promoting partnership with stakeholders on gender related matters;

(ix) coordinating the development and implementation of the national gender action plans in collaboration with various stakeholders;

(x) overseeing the implementation of performance contracts and annual work plans for the Directorates;

(xi) monitoring the performance of the Directorates; and

(xii) supervising, mentoring and developing staff in the Directorates

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