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Remote Senior Developer Productivity Engineer at Zepz

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Job Description

Your key area of focus:

A good CI/CD pipeline helps our engineers deliver features quickly, efficiently, and safely to production. A Senior Developer Tooling Engineer at Zepz aims to apply the same principles to our tooling that supports our wider engineering organization.

You’ll be working on automating complex processes, reducing manual steps in day-to-day workloads, improving infrastructure health visibility, and improving our engineers’ delivery of code. You’ll take on the burden of managing how software gets delivered to production and ensuring that our infrastructure just works. In short, you’ll provide leverage for the other engineers at Zepz to continue making sending money as easy and simple as sending a text.

In the first few months, you’ll:

  • Work on improving our development tools and experience so that engineers can ship work faster.
  • Build tools to help increase visibility into more opaque processes and pipelines.
  • Create automation for manual tasks, or workflows that span multiple different sources.
  • Explore and evaluate third-party or in-house solutions for complex process problems.
  • Participate in an on-call rotation to handle problems outside of business hours so that our system is always available to our users
  • Uncover bottlenecks in our software delivery process and improve them.

What you bring to the table:

  • 3+ years of professional experience in DevOps, SRE, Software Development, or an equivalent field.
  • Experience working closely with key stakeholders across an organization’s development, operations, and business units.
  • 2+ years working with AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Proficient in code deployment tools (Terraform, Puppet, Ansible, Chef)
  • Experienced with scripting (Bash, Python)
  • Experience working with Git and other CI/CD tools and pipelines.

Bonus points if you:

  • Are a creative and flexible problem solver, and interested in finding the best solutions for our particular needs
  • Like getting in the weeds and making projects happen
  • Are excited about multiple kinds of work and want to help out where it’s needed
  • Are comfortable defaulting to over-communication and overreaching when it comes to coordination.
  • Adjust quickly to changing priorities and conditions and cope effectively with complexity and change.
  • Have created BI dashboards and tooling in a previous role.
  • Have experience with Load/Stress testing and tools.
  • Have experience with service-based architectures.
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