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Remote Impact AI Strategist at Bankable Frontier Associates

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Job Description

About the Impact AI Strategist

  • Technology is advancing at an alarming pace. Generative AI is posed to change the way we work more than the internet itself. We don’t know how it will impact BFA Global, but we expect it to be profound. We will position to lead and shape the exploration towards the most beneficial results for low-income and climate-vulnerable people around the world. BFA Global wants to embrace AI and other technologies for the benefit of vulnerable people in emerging markets.
  • BFA Global seeks an experienced Impact AI Strategist who will proactively lead the company to apply new technology (generative AI) to our programs with the aim of our startups and internal operations to be more efficient, innovative and faster to market.

What you will do

  1. As our first Impact AI Strategist, you will lead BFA Global’s exploration into the potential uses, benefits and risks enabled by AI tools like ChatGPT in relation to low-income and climate-vulnerable people. You will consider where generative AI tech and tools could help BFA programs’ partner companies achieve their objectives and in particular review whether and how generative AI could help BFA scale and accelerate its founders and programs. To succeed, you will secure resources and partnerships to fund this body of work.

Lead BFA Global into the AI era

  • Keep abreast of AI developments and communicate them to the broader team
  • Create a collective learning process to exchange ideas and use cases that are deployed within the company
  • Connect with AI leaders in other organizations to jointly explore the Impact of AI
  • Evaluate and understand how generative AI might benefit low-income and climate-vulnerable populations through the work of BFA and our partners (ie. index insurance and some JobTech Alliance applications (e.g. pattern-cutting for fashion))
  • Evaluate and understand the harms and limitations of Generative AI in respect of low-income and climate-vulnerable populations and develop approaches to address/mitigate these or even possibly recommend against its adoption
  • Provide thought leadership and storytelling that establishes BFA Global as a balanced and thoughtful champion for low-income and climate-vulnerable people in the context of the rapidly-changing world of Generative AI, promoting its benefits where applicable and highlighting the needs for protections and safeguards as appropriate

Inject AI into BFA Global portfolio companies and programs

  • Work with the current BFA venture building team to recommend ways ChatGPT and similar tools can help portfolio companies achieve their corporate objectives for product delivery and scale, particularly in their earlier stages.
  • Train Applicants, fellows and founders on the best practices of using AI for productivity

External towards Fellows and Founders (and the rest of the community)

  • Provide tech advisory to teams, for instance, in developing quick prototypes with no-code tools (concept for a Product Hatchery)
  • Facilitate tech-driven storytelling and connections within our community (e.g. using
  • Manage collaborations with web3 and AI groups (e.g. Climate Collective)

Secure resources and partnerships through business development

  • Collaborate with other company leaders to include AI components in project proposals as appropriate
  • Lead conversations with partners/clients about AI-first projects to explore how AI tools could benefit low-income communities
  • Participate in Data initiatives within BFA Global portfolio companies
  • Support UCI with AI ideas and execution as appropriate
  • Develop program ideas for a major program within BFA Global that is focused on using AI tools to accelerate impact for low-income and climate-vulnerable populations; and engage in business development to secure funding for this program.

Qualifications & requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, International development, finance, or a related field. In addition to Engineering, you will have an interest/understanding of AI (Machine Learning); A strong background in Technology, with a focus on AI (Machine Learning)
  • 10+ years of project management experience, preferably multi-national, multi-stakeholder projects.
  • Awareness of and proficiency with the project management life cycle; strong project management skills.
  • You will have worked in high-growth businesses and understand the expectations around this – you must be strategic yet hands-on as required.
  • Technical and Commercial understanding and the ability to think on your feet
  • Proven experience as a CTO or similar leadership role
  • Understanding of budgets and business-planning
  • Ability to conduct technical analyses and research
  • Excellent communication skills & Leadership and organisational abilities
  • Strategic thinking & Problem-solving aptitude
  • Experience, interest and commitment to BFA’s social mission to enable innovation for a more inclusive, equitable, and resilient future, especially in developing countries.
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