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Principal Investigation Officer at Kenya Airways

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Job Description

Detailed Description        

  • Timely investigation and closure of incidents business wide.
  • Carry out investigative analysis and interpretation of cases to advise Management on any underlying trends for necessary mitigation.
  • Carry out effective investigation of all security irregularities throughout the business to safeguard against negative impact of security lapses on the business.
  • Coordinate internal investigations in all suspected criminal activities e.g. theft, losses and damage claims, INADS, ticket frauds, excess weight cheating, misuse of company property etc. and advice on corrective measures to maintain revenue integrity in accordance with staff rules and procedures/laws of Kenya.
  • Prepare/brief witnesses for provision of evidence in the courts and/or HR panels.
  • Represent the company in courts as and when required.
  • Conduct general and forensic investigations processes in conformity to regulatory requirements and within specified timeframe to ensure logical conclusion and the company is protected against lawsuits.
  • Collecting, safeguarding and producing exhibits before HR panels and/or retrieving from law enforcement agencies.
  • Analyzing evidence for proactive security decision.
  • Interview of witnesses/suspects and visiting scene of accidents and incidents.
  • Witness preparations before panel/court processes Review and analyze information Integrity data and generate necessary information for use during pre-employment and recurrent employee background checks to ensure that only people of unquestionable integrity are hired and retained in the company.
  • Compile weekly operational and incident reports and prepare divisional periodic reports including Board papers, Mission status reports and Operational Leadership Team (OLT) reports for management review and decision making.
  • Blacklist lost and stolen tickets and MCOs and maintain their database to ensure revenue integrity.
  • Update and maintain pilferage and AVSEC incident database.

Job Requirements        

  • University degree or relevant professional qualification.
  • 3 years’ experience in security investigations in a reputable organization.
  • Forensic and fraud investigation.
  • Bomb threat assessment.
  • Communication skills.
  • Leadership training.
  • Report writing.

Additional Details        

  • Excellent and proven criminal investigation skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent and proven Forensic and Fraud skills
  • Organizational, planning and analytical skills including time management
  • IT proficiency
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Excellent teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Ability to make sound evidence-based decisions
  • Ability to handle challenges and pressure
  • Ability to work to deadlines and deliver desired results
  • Knowledge of criminal procedure code, Evidence Act and the Penal Code
  • The BPIL Supports the change process that the business owners have initiated, leading the example of accepting change as the new normal and helping the business owner to drive this.
  • Development and implementation of a Change Management plan for each project.
  • Engage, coach and train change agents for the dissemination and implementation of change at the shop floor.
  • Keep track of achievements after deployment of change.

Deadline: 30-May-2023

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