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Pet Handler at Crystal Recruit. Nairobi

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Job Description


  • Run and maintain the Pet Register, keeping it up to date
  • Open Pet folders (physical files) & also open pet files (digital files on the computer)
  • Liaise with various airlines, obtain freight rates & service details & make bookings
  • Learn Import & Export documentation requirements and procedures
  • Maintains contacts and good relationships with Pet boarding facilities
  • Liaise with all Priority Pets staff & associated Worldwide Movers staff
  • Learn & assess Pet’s safety & security within pet travel containers including measurements and with airlines in airport warehouses & onboard aircraft.
  • IATA carriers labeling requirements for pet travel carriers, feeding & water instructions
  • Ensure that the pet travel carriers in storage are maintained & kept in good condition & pet stock is updated.
  • Ensure that materials required to facilitate work are in stock including labels, feeding, water bowls, and absorbent material – stocks ordered on time and available for use.
  • Liaise with our carpenters on pet travel container materials, locks, and hinges, which are available.
  • Liaise with Vet Department officials at the airport and at HQ Kabete when required.
  • Ensure that documentation needed to facilitate imports or exports is available with pet files & folders updated with relevant copies & relevant approvals are obtained in a timely manner.
  • In liaison with the Priority Director and Customs department, ensure that relevant entries & permits are ready in a timely manner.
  • Are responsible for ensuring that our Services are constantly upgraded in line with IATA and
  • IPATA standards by keeping up to date with the Live Animal Regulations (LAR & IATA)
  • Client visits to measure pets for a pet travel container
  • Deliver or collect a pet cage or required documentation to clients
  • Deliver a pet (import) or collect a pet (export)
  • Oversee private vet visits
  • Visit the Airport Vet or Veterinary Department Kabete when required.


  • A Valid driving license
  • Airline Cargo Qualifications & Experience
  • Veterinary Qualifications from a recognized University
  • Vibrant Personality.
  • Attention to detail and follow-up of matters
  • Good communication abilities
  • Good time management
  • Excellent Customer Service skills
  • Ability to negotiate and persuade
  • Proactive & takes initiative.
  • Must be very keen to detail.
  • Team Player.
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