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IPC – OSH Coordinator at PCEA Kikuyu Hospital, Kiambu.

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Job Description

Essential Qualifications

  • Diploma in Nursing.
  • A Bachelors degree inNursing (BScN) or Public Health will be an added advantage.
  • Registration with the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK).
  • Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse(KRCHN).
  • Relevant training in infection prevention andcontrol (IPC).
  • Valid nursing practicing license.
  • A minimum of 6 years experience in Nursing.
  • Must have knowledge in use of MS Office packages.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Maintain communication with all sections and departments of the hospital as well as without side public health offices.
  • They also collect, record and analyze hospital data and reports to assess the extent of a disease outbreak in order to make the appropriate recommendations for action.
  • Maintains hygiene programs with ongoing education and evaluation of current hygiene practices.
  • Spearheads and coordinates IPC Committee meetings.
  • Encourage and provide support for research projects related to IPC.
  • Ensure that all staff attend IPC trainings and maintains records.
  • Provide specialist advice to all hospital staffin respect to improving patient care and reduction of hospital associated infections.
  • Work with other health care workers in the investigation and control of outbreaks or increased incidents of infection in primary and secondary care.
  • Undertake research to recommend, implement and monitor policies and procedures for hospital staff regarding sterilization, disinfection and decontamination of personnel, instruments and equipment.
  • Monitor and investigate known or suspected sources of infections in order to determine the source and contain outbreak.
  • Infection control practitioners educate patients and their families, hold community orpublic outreach sessions regarding disease prevention and conduct education sessions for hospital employees.
  • Evaluate and audit sterilization and disinfection methods and recommend changes as necessary.
  • Ensure that staff are oriented on infection prevention and control procedures as well as ongoing training as required.
  • Evaluate each area within the Hospital setup to ensure policies are being followed and make recommendations on improvements.
  • Participate in compiling and implementation of policies, guidance and procedures relating to infection prevention and control in the hospital, in conjunction with other members of the infection prevention and control team.
  • Participate in the collection of surveillance data.
  • Participate in the development of educational programs for all staff, assess and identify training needs and develop training packages to meet those needs.
  • Evaluate and review training as appropriate on national and international issues which have a direct effect on Infection Prevention and Control.
  • Support Infection Prevention and Control link persons in their roles in areas across the hospital in order to ensure Infection Prevention and Control is an integrated part of patient/client care.
  • Implement disease outbreak intervention procedures in affected areas of the hospital and notify the appropriate public health authorities in the event of an outbreak.
  • Perform any other relevant duties that may beassigned.
  • Oversee Occupational Safety & Healthactivities.
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