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HTS Counsellors ( 2 Positions) at The Center for International Health, Education and Biosecurity (CIHEB). Machakos

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Job Description

Overall Function:

Reporting to the facility in-charge, the HTS provider provides HIV Counselling and testing services to all individuals at facility and community level and support successful linkage of HIV-infected individuals in HIV care services

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Provide HIV counselling and testing services as per Kenya HTS national guidelines.
  2. Provide assisted partner notification services for all index clients.
  3. Provide health education to clients as a strategy to increase demand for HIV testing services.
  4. Optimize testing for all eligible clients at facility level and ensure testing efficiency.
  5. Provide counselling services addressing HIV prevention including risk reduction interventions and behavior change, use of ART for HIV prevention, etc.
  6. Conduct risk screening for HTS clients, provide prevention services for the HIV negative clients including PrEP, and distribute condoms and lubricant at facility and community.
  7. Ensure confirmed linkage (target of 95%) of HIV positive clients.
  8. Conduct defaulter tracing of pre-enrollment clients not linked to care in supported facilities.
  9. Assess and document all referrals, make follow-up and report on referral outcomes.
  10. Compile and submit monthly HTS reports.
  11. Initiate and conduct posttest clubs and support groups.
  12. Participate in the site HTS QA/QC processes i.e., proficiency testing, direct observed practice sessions, support supervision.
  13. Conduct CQI activities to improve gaps identified based on data.


  1. Certificate in HTC Counselling (NASCOP Certified)
  2. Training in Assisted Partner Notification Services (aPNS)
  3. Diploma in Counselling Psychology, Social work, Community health, Public Health or any other health related course.
  4. Two (2) years’ experience in HIV counselling and testing
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