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Head of Education and Rehabilitation Services at Kenya Society for the Blind (KSB), Nairobi

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Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

Programme Management:

  1. Project Cycle management- planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  2. Preparation of quarterly and annual narrative reports to organization’s partners
  3. Preparation and facilitation of quarterly Education and Rehabilitation steering committee meetings
  4. Develop and implement strategies to enhance enrollment of visually impaired learners accessing quality education
  5. Coordinate research activities related to visually impaired children
  6. Facilitate the procurement and distribution of teaching and learning materials to the education program
  7. Maintain data base of program reports
  8. Ensuring quality control in program implementations
  9. Facilitate the preparation of the departmental annual program plans and ensure that all the staff in the department formulate and implement individual detailed implementation plan.
  10. Facilitate the sustainability of the education programme through minimization of costs and maximization of profits.
  11. Oversee the activities under the rehabilitation function.
  12. Facilitate the preparation of the departmental annual program plans and ensure that all the staff in the Education and rehabilitation department formulate and implement individual detailed implementation plan.
  13. Lead the development of a resource centre for the blind and the visually impaired persons.
  14. Work with partners

Financial Management:

  1. Preparation of annual budgets and program operational plans
  2. Budget implementation and Monitoring

Human Resource

  1. Supervise Education & Rehabilitation Officer
  2. Conduct all appraisals / capture PDR’s of all line staff in the department
  3. Recruitment of KSB line staff
  4. Performance contract for Education and Rehabilitation line staff
  5. Responsible for the issuing of confirmation letters for all new line staff to Education and Rehabilitation departments

Resource Mobilization

  1. Design of programs and development of proposals to supplement existing resources allocated to education of learners with visual impairment.
  2. Facilitate the corporate and membership for KSB.

Partnerships/ Networking/ Collaboration:

  1. Work with partners towards harmonization of education of learners with visual impairment through coordinated early identification, retention and transition of students.
  2. Establish and enhance linkages with stakeholders in the education sector to facilitate service delivery with Ministry of Education and other Stakeholders, facilitate mainstreaming of program’s initiatives within Special Needs program at national and county Levels
  3. Facilitating/Coordinating networking initiatives at the national and county level

Lobby and Advocacy

  1. Participate in the development and management of education services for special needs youth and specifically in activities which promote inclusion of visually impaired children in mainstream education.
  2. Participate in the education advocacy committee.
  3. Any other duty that may be assigned from time to time by the department head or his/her appointee

Required Knowledge, Professional Qualifications, Work experience and Personal Attributes

  1. Bachelor degree in Education
  2. At least 10 years in a leadership role in a learning institution
  3. Experience in curriculum development
  4. Experience in habitation and rehabilitation activities
  5. Experience with working with persons with visual impairment
  6. High level of commitment and passion towards the mission of the Society;
  7. Flexibility and willingness to spend longer hours as work necessitates
  8. Strong ability to work under pressure and within challenging circumstances.
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