Full time Offered Salary :

Data Clerk at The Center for International Health, Education and Biosecurity (CIHEB). Machakos

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Job Description

Key Function:

Facility Data Clerk will be fully responsible for patient health records and patient information management in the health facility.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Support mmanagement of patient filing system at health facility, this will include day-to-day retrieval of patient charts, archival and safe storage of files and registers in all service delivery points.
  2. Monitor to ensure complete documentation of patient files and registers including filling of page summaries in all facility registers.
  3. Routine data updating of patient information from files, registers and other reporting tools to EMR.
  4. Data entry and updating of patient information from data capture and recoding tools to EMR.
  5. Conduct routine data quality audit of facility records, all patient beneficiary records and registers.
  6. Compile and ensure timely submission of facility monthly MOH reports (MoH 731, MoH 731 Plus, and KPIF as well as Program reports.
  7. Timely and correctly, upload all appropriate facility data into KHIS, 3PM, National Data Ware House and other databases as may be required by the program and MoH.
  8. Conduct timely facility level data analysis and implement DDIU strategies for improved data use.
  9. Disseminate reports on a monthly, quarterly and on need basis to the facility multi-disciplinary team.
  10. Monthly update of ALL facility-talking wall charts for facility progress review.


Compile monthly MoH 731/ 731-Plus and PEPFAR/DATIM/3PM HIV-related reports

Qualifications and Desired Skills:

  1. College Diploma with a specialization in Health Records and Information
  2. Computer proficiency particularly with the MS-Office suite
  3. A good understanding of health data management
  4. 1 – 3 years’ experience in a health facility supporting HIV programs.
  5. Knowledge on KP SI systems is an added advantage
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