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Community Development Officer at Brooke East Africa

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Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assess and identify community capacity gaps, needs and root causes on equine husbandry and management practices and related social-economic needs
  • Develop and implement interventions to address the gaps, needs and root causes identified above in a sustainable manner, and using Brooke’s Communities For Animals (C4A) tools
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions, and follow up with relevant adjustments
  • Continuously implement follow up actions or adjustments on the basis of information gathered from the evaluation above
  • Explore and try innovative capacity building methods, tools and techniques that are suitable and sensitive to distinct community groupings, demographics and contexts for sustainable behaviour change
  • Strengthen community-based structures among target equine owning communities that assure sustainable project interventions
  • Participate in identification of gaps in and value addition to resource and material requirements related to community engagement
  • Participate in all community engagement resource and material development initiatives in order to ensure that there is optimal standardization of learning resources for Brooke East Africa and partners utilization in the community
  • Prepare for and deliver content during planned trainings, ensure learningcapacity building road map; matching session plans for each training session; and conduct monitoring visits to follow up on the use of C4A tools
  • Actively participate and support planning of Community Engagement meetings and workshops for Brooke East Africa Partners or organized by Brooke UK
  • Participate from time to time in value adding meetings or initiatives with Brooke East Africa’s Partners and other like-minded stakeholders in animal welfare and livelihoods sectors
  • Receive and provide input to other officers whose jobs are interdependent with this role
  • Receive and provide support to other officers whose jobs are interdependent with this role
  • Supply reports and other required information and data to other parts of the organization as required
  • Actively participate in team and or staff meeting; adding value to the meeting agenda and discussions for the purpose of enhancing organizational goals in community engagement

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in community development, social studies or related area of study
  • Over 5 years’ field-based experience in community development, using sustainable and transformative approaches and tools
  • Innovative and pro-active approach to resolving complex community needs
  • Competencies in the application of participatory community approaches
  • Good planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting skills
  • Competencies in adult learning facilitation, planning and execution of workshop and training events
  • Partnership-building, networking, collaboration and representation skills

Deadline: May 24, 2023

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