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Chief of Staff at Peach Cars KE. Nairobi

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Job Description

Role Description

  • Peach is at a positive inflection where we are purposefully positioning ourselves to grow as a revolutionary marketplace for car buyers and sellers in Kenya, we are at a point where our executive leadership is stepping back from day to day operations management to building strategy, gathering resources, and identifying and closing opportunities. There’s a need for additional daily support from a high-level thinker and actor who can be trusted to own their s#!t and get results
  • The Chief of Staff will act as the right hand person to the executive leadership, especially to the CEO and provide strategic guidance and operational support to the internal team and act as a first point of contact to key external stakeholders: investors, government institutions, legal counsel etc. The Chief of Staff will have a diverse set of responsibilities across several functional areas of the business, including but are not limited to Investor Relations, PR, Government Affairs and Legal counsel, HR, Financial Control, and Special Projects Management.

The candidate must have-

  • An MBA or other post graduate degree in a business or finance related course
  • The ideal candidate for this position must have proven experience in either consulting, venture capital, corporate finance, operational leadership, C-suite, or strong experience in project management, as these skills are critical to the success of the role
  • Five years’ prior experiences in leading one or more of the above functions preferred candidate if you have held the role of “Chief of Staff”
  • Candidates should be a strategic thinker and coordinator by nature, with demonstrated successes in using data to pull out insights and ask the next question / take the next step of “So what?” as well as leading team(s) to achieve shared goals.
  • Candidates must know how to use business related tools such us HRIS and CRM and modeling tools that will help visualization of the different projects they will be handling e.g use of gantt chart, network diagrams, risk management models, cost benefit analysis models etc
  • Candidates should also be highly-collaborative and understand how to “work through others” to ensure she/he is able to scale her/his efforts and impact across the company.
  • Candidates must be expert communicators, knowing how to sit in between multiple (potentially tens) of stakeholders and ensure everyone knows what they need to know, when, etc. and get the feedback as well as results needed to advance
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