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Carbon Technical Officer Recruiter / Employer: BURN

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Job Description

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The overall role of a Carbon Technical Officer is to make sure BURN generates its carbon credits on time, on the scope, and budget by ensuring all carbon reports are prepared and submitted on time, and within the standard Requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • First-level Draft and review of all carbon reports and submit them on time to the Carbon Technical manager as per the annual calendar prepared by the Carbon Technical Manager
  • Prepare a Project Level annual Gantt chart that is a more detailed version and at the project level clearly showing what happens when and by whom. They will be responsible to ensure all tasks are done on time and within the correct scope.
  • First Level Draft of clear Standard Operating Procedures and Quality control and Quality Assurance plans and strategies for All reporting and technical aspects of carbon processes, to be implemented by the Project Management teams and all support departments in BURN (Commercial Team, Business Intelligence department, Carbon Project Management team, and Carbon Technical Officers)
  • First Level Review, and draft where required, all Carbon reports and support documents – e.g., but not limited to VPA DD, Monitoring reports, Local Stakeholder consultation reports, and all related Support documents, and submit them to the Carbon Consultant on time and in scope
  • Responsible for drafting and preparing robust operating procedures and systems to ensure all carbon reports and their supporting documents are saved on BURN’s SharePoint and uploaded on the Sustaincert app on time and in the correct level of quality
  • Run all Training and capacity building to ensure compliance with carbon standard requirements from BURN, and make sure the carbon project Management team is following the requirements of the standards based on the SOPs developed
  • Provide First level responses to all reviews from BURN to either VVBs and/or the Standards in each stage of Project reviews e.g., but not limited to Preliminary review in GS or Listing in VERRA.
  • First-level preparation of all Ex-ante and Ex-post ER calculations for BURN cookstove projects, including ensuring all Projects hit the maximum ER generation per stove possible
  • Provide weekly updates (or any frequency set by the Carbon technical Manager) on the status of the Projects – quality, risk assessment, reporting – in a clear concise manner
  • Lead and coordinate all reviews from BURN to either VVBs and/or the Standards in each stage of Project reviews e.g., Preliminary review in GS or Listing in VERRA. The Carbon Technical Manager ensures that all feedback is provided on time and in scope in conjunction with the Carbon Consultant
  • First Level drafting, refining, and updating of all BURN Carbon data collection questionnaires in line with the standard requirements and in a way to maximize opportunities for Carbon Credit Generation
  • Identify and Manage the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that face BURN’s projects from Standards or Markets where BURN operates and come up with strategic plans to de-risk any aspects that would affect the issuance of credits on time, on the scope, and budget
  • Manage, coordinate, and take lead in any Design changes to existing POAs
  • Manage Ad hoc communications with Standards (e.g., VERRA/GS) for topics such as but not limited to technical changes to methodology rules, deviation requests, clarification requests, and relationship building with the standards (e.g. finance, technical reviewers, etc.) VBS as needed
  • Carrying out specific one-off special carbon assignments falling outside the scope of existing JD
  • Keep up to date on all Standard (GS/VERRA/CDM, etc) updates and always make sure BURN is ahead of any strategic and required changes in how projects are run
  • Carrying out specific one-off special carbon assignments falling outside the scope of existing JD.

Skills and Experience:

  • 3+ Years’ experience in Carbon Standards Project Document preparation in gold standard or VERRA (CDM experience is desired)
  • 3+ Years’ experience in Emission reductions calculations
  • 3+ years of experience in Project Management
  • 3+ years of experience in Managing Carbon Audits and responding to Standard (VERRA/CDM/GS) comments
  • Proven track record in Quality control and Quality Assurance experience in carbon Projects
  • Strong communication skills in both written and spoken English language
  • Certification in Microsoft Programmes – MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint
  • Excellent graphical presentation and reporting skills.
  • Enthusiastic, motivated, and a desire to ‘Get things done
  • Proven track record demonstrating excellent time management skills.
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