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Account Developer at The Coca-Cola Company. Kisumu

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Job Description

Key Purpose Statement

The primary role of the Account Developer is to implement business strategy within allocated customer base to achieve business objectives of increased profitability , excellent customer service and excellent trade execution.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

To identify and implement new business opportunities so that the customer base and profits can continuously grow

  • New business opportunities are determined by visiting potential dealers and evaluating their suitability according to established criteria.
  • Potential dealers are assessed throughout the trial period to determine whether or not they will be as profitable as planned.
  • Business opportunities are developed within budgeted parameters and implemented as per regulations and customer agreement.

To optimise customer service so that superior customer relations and long lasting partnerships.

  • Relevant Customer Service target are to be achieved at all times.
  • Customer master file is continuously updated to ensure that accurate customer records are maintained.
  • Customers are continually updated in respect of new products, merchandise standards, promotions and any other issues regarding business development.
  • Problems and queries are handled in a professional, timely, tactful and friendly manner

To formulate account plans so that future business opportunities can be planned and implemented effectively

  • Account plans are formulated annually and updated according to agreed standards taking into account sales volumes, placing of equipment, projected growths, market trends, competition and seasonal fluctuations.
  • The outlets’ business model is well understood and opportunities for synergy with appropriate products’ brand propositions are identified and optimised.
  • Account plans are clearly communicated to the channel management team and agreed upon recommendations are implemented.
  • Professional presentations of the annual account plan are given to customers to ensure their understanding of the plan.
  • The terms and conditions suggested in the account plan are negotiated to reach agreement
  • Product lines are evaluated in order to eliminate slow moving lines and promote profitable lines.

To manage and maintain assets so that losses are minimised and optimal returns on investments are achieved

  • Equipment contracts are accurately completed and signed by all relevant parties.
  • Coolers, vehicles and equipment are managed and maintained on a weekly basis to ensure optimal functioning.
  • Placement of equipment should maximise return on investment at all times.
  • The ratio of sales to the cooler size is evaluated in order to ensure return on investments and nonconformance is corrected in line with set company regulations.
  • Basic fountain equipment and cooler maintenance training is provided to the dealer on a regular basis.

To execute outlets according to organisation strategies so that sales volumes may be increased and product awareness is enhanced

  • Promotional agreements are accurately completed and forwarded to the relevant channel manager.
  • Promotions are executed as per promotional guidelines and set company standards.
  • Dealers are educated and continuously advised on stock management and shelf life dates as per company regulations.
  • RED targets are achieved at all times.
  • Point of purchase and built displays are positioned in order to ensure that products are more visible than any other products.

To manage customers credit terms and limits in order to maximise sales and minimise risk

  • Credit limits are managed so that customers do not over or under spend and stock on hold situations are avoided.
  • The credit function receives the support of the account manager in managing the credit terms and limits.
  • Prompt delivery of rebate cheques to customers is ensured.
  • All outstanding accounts are managed until settled.

To execute surveys so that the organisation is constantly aware of current market trends and to enable a competitive advantage

  • Information regarding competitors products, prices, quantities sold, and in-stock levels is gathered.
  • Surveys are accurately executed in all identified outlets.
  • Identified areas for improvement are rectified and follow up is conducted to ensure compliance.
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